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Human health

Thanks to the increased awareness of safety and health issues, customers are opting for safer, environmentally friendlier fluids. Developing products with improved health attributes is a key priority for ExxonMobil Chemical.

Compared to traditional kerosene-derived solvents, ExxonMobil Chemical offers specific grades with:

  • Reduced volatility, enabling significant improvements in safety in the work environment
  • Lower or virtually no odor for improvement of workers' comfort level 

To support our fluids solutions, scientific and toxicological experts conduct science-based research and risk assessments. Our central resource is ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences Inc. (EMBSI), where experts provide comprehensive support in toxicology, environmental sciences, occupational health, epidemiology and human factors (ergonomics).

Customers have an extensive fluids portfolio at their disposal to improve safety and health in various applications, including consumer products, architectural coatings, food contact applications, adhesives and agrochemicals.



Material safety data sheets help protect you.