Hydrocarbon fluids

Hydrocarbon fluids

Hydrocarbon fluids, including specialty brands and unique products tailored for specific applications, are available in a variety of distillation ranges and evaporation rates. They are well suited as solvents, dispersants and carriers for many applications.

We provide up-to-date advice to users about safe and efficient use of our fluids and are continuously reviewing and improving our product portfolio as safety, health and environmental regulations and practices evolve.

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More than 100 grades around the world offer good solvency characteristics and favorable occupational exposure limits (OELs), making them suitable replacements for mineral or white spirits.

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Available in more than 10 distinct grades, these high-purity synthetic isoparaffins have extremely low aromatic content and are essentially odorless.

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Marketed under the “Aromatic” name in the United States, these high-solvency grades are versatile performers in many industrial and agricultural applications.

A combination of copper sticks and a drilling mud bit

Rely on Escaid fluids for drilling mud applications and solvent extraction processes for metals such as copper and nickel.

Household Aluminum

These basestock fluids are excellent for aluminum foil and sheet rolling applications, where ultra-high purity is required.

Shale Fluid

Escaid PathFrac fluid is a very low total aromatic content fluid that enhances hydraulic fracturing formulations while reducing the environmental and health impact.


Designed for use in portable heating appliances, these fluids replace traditional fuels such as kerosene and heavy white spirits.

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Choose Exx-Print fluids for printing ink formulations for offset lithographic printing processes including heat set (web feed) and quick set (sheet feed).

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These traditional solvents provide the advantage of controlled narrow boiling ranges compared with those of wide-distillation kerosene products.

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Use this synthetic hydrocarbon fluid as an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to solvents such as perchloroethylene.

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Consider these fluids to replace aromatic-containing solvents such as toluene, white spirit and kerosene.