Heat-shrinkable display packaging films


If you are looking for tougher, clearer heat-shrinkable display packaging films with outstanding shrink performance and seal integrity, Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) can be the solution.

When blended with a standard terpolymer polypropylene (terPP) or a random copolymer polypropylene (RCP), Vistamaxx PBE can provide an ideal skin layer component for high performance, heat-shrinkable display packaging films that are manufactured using the double bubble process.

For both end users and processors, the addition of Vistamaxx PBE to the skin layer can contribute to a range of benefits, including:

  • Better package integrity through improved puncture resistance, high seal strength and enhanced interlayer adhesion
  • Excellent packaging fit around the product, featuring high, balanced shrinkage and no donkey ears
  • Enhanced optical properties, such as low haze, good contact and see-through clarity
  • Improved shrink tunnel performance featuring less hole formation, low shrinkage temperatures and less sealing time
  • Potential reduction in material use and product inventory requirements with single material packaging solutions

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