Extrusion-coated woven and nonwoven industrial fabrics


Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) can deliver excellent adhesion to extrusion-coated industrial substrates and strong, flexible fabrics across a range of construction applications.

Consider Vistamaxx PBE for:

  • Construction textiles such as roof underlayment
  • Waterproofing and expansion tapes
  • Reinforced membranes used in architecture
  • Construction covers, awnings, canopies and tarps
  • Insulation facings and foam boards
  • Automotive laminates
  • Industrial wrappings

Vistamaxx PBE can be extruded over a wide temperature range and used to tailor the end-use properties of polyethylene (PE)- or polypropylene (PP)-based coatings. Its combination of properties can be used to provide a construction solution that allows downgauging and can help reduce costs.

Look to Vistamaxx PBE for industrial fabric solutions that can support construction trends with properties such as:

  • Excellent adhesion to woven and nonwoven substrates
  • Low temperature sealing and seal strength
  • Excellent flexibility and elasticity
  • Toughness
  • Anti-skid properties

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