Aerial view of several intertwined highway overpasses looking like spaghetti junction

Road and rail

Create high performance, long-term expansion joints with Santoprene™ TPV
Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) provide outstanding toughness and longevity to expansion joints for bridge and parking decks, water stops, rail pads and more. Consider general purpose or UV-resistant Santoprene TPV grades to cost effectively achieve excellent low-temperature flexibility, flex-fatigue resistance.

Resilient and long-lasting seals
The low compression set of Santoprene TPV produces effective seals and shape retention for long-term performance even in harsh conditions. With its outstanding flex-fatigue resistance – proven by more than 2 million cycles of flexing (ASTM D1052), exceeding Neoprene and EPDM capabilities – Santoprene TPV provides consistent flexibility and performance. It stands up to ozone, UV exposure, road salt solutions, acids, cleaning fluids and chemical waste.

Precise fit and design flexibility
Santoprene TPV provides excellent design flexibility, supported by coextrusion options and is easily colored. Tight tolerances maintain consistent fit of the profile into the attachment system.

Using less, delivering more

Santoprene TPV can help you achieve time and cost savings with heat welded corners, no adhesives nor vulcanization required. Also no VOCs are required as is the case with solvent bonding of thermoset rubber joints.

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