Why use it

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) has the ability to provide a balanced set of properties tailored for specific application requirements. These properties include:


Filler loading

Vistamaxx PBE offers a sought after benefit for producers of masterbatch compounds as it can allow high filler loading for lower costs. Unlike other products, Vistamaxx PBE can maintain physical properties such as toughness and flexibility.



Outstanding flexibility enables compounders to create malleable products that can show less stress whitening and provide a good fit/seal. This feature is important in rigid packaging products such as storage containers, box covers and totes where easy opening/closing is often regarded as a must.

Flexibility generated by Vistamaxx PBE can also provide durability and ease of installation for compounds used in applications such as roofing materials.


Impact strength

Compounders can achieve impact strength, durability and puncture resistance at low temperatures, which can create longer lasting products. This can reduce breakage, waste and costs.

Targeting this property is important in applications such as rigid packaging, thermoformed single-use packaging, food containers and toys.



Vistamaxx PBE can offer the ability to introduce softness, providing a comfort-touch feel in polypropylene applications. It may provide consumers with a satisfying and natural tactile experience compared to alternatives.



Clarity is a feature appreciated by companies producing food containers, thermoformed single-use packaging and rigid packaging. Vistamaxx PBE can help package designers achieve excellent aesthetics, create “eye-catching” designs and generate high product recognition.