Food and beverage containers with standing minus 20°C (minus 4°F) with Vistamaxx PBE

Vistamaxx lisi Product sample: food container

Using Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) in their food container lids has helped Ningbo Lisi Houseware Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of food containers in China, improve their end-product performance and increase sales.

They were able to significantly reduce their manufacturing cost and, by redesigning the lids with Vistamaxx PBE, they improved the impact strength and hinge flexibility of their products while maintaining clarity. As Vistamaxx PBE is compliant with many international food contact regulations, an accelerated delivery to the market is an added benefit.

Vistamaxx PBE is engineered to help deliver tailored end-product performance and open new possibilities for your products. When used as an additive, Vistamaxx PBE enables you to:

  • Improved impact strength and hinge flexibility
  • Maintained level of clarity
  • Various food contact compliance regulations
  • Contribute to sustainability by potentially reducing raw material use, lowering energy consumption and enabling product scrap recycling.

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