Vistamaxx PBE used as a new foaming material provides balanced performance and cost efficiencies

Product Sample- Foaming Products

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) helped Chris R&P Compounding Co. Ltd. meet a high demand for high-performance foam in a range of products, including footwear, toys, sporting goods, protective sports equipment and accessories. By using Vistamaxx PBE as an alternative to conventional foaming materials, the company expanded its capacity from 220 to 600 tonnes of high-quality foam per month.

Vistamaxx PBE is engineered to help deliver tailored end-product performance and open new possibilities for your products. When used as an additive, Vistamaxx PBE enables you to:

  • Enhance elasticity for better stretch and comfort
  • Increase flexibility for durability
  • Make products lightweight yet durable
  • Contribute to sustainability by potentially reducing raw material use, lowering energy consumption and enabling product scrap recycling.

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