Product portfolio

Rely on the company that invented butyl rubber to have the industry's most comprehensive product portfolio of high-quality synthetic rubber products.

Close-up of top of automobile tire curing bladder

From tire innertubes to the bladders of sports balls, Exxon butyl rubber provides excellent air-barrier performance, good flex fatigue and vibration damping.

3D Tire - front view

This halogenated rubber offers excellent adhesion and compatibility with other rubbers. 

Three tires standing side by side in a staggered pattern

Choose chlorobutyl for low permeability to gases, good compatibility with other rubbers   and excellent resistance to heat, ozone and flex fatigue.

Close-up 3D view of automobile tire innerliner

Make less count for more with our next-generation resin for advanced tire innerliners.

Pharmaceutical stoppers in various sizes and shapes

These elastomers are used in high quality pharmaceutical stoppers and in demanding pharmaceutical packaging applications.