Three tires standing side by side in a staggered pattern

Regular butyl and chlorobutyl provide excellent inflation pressure retention for bicycle, truck, agricultural, industrial and specialty tires. Exxon™ halobutyl rubber is the world’s most widely used butyl rubber for tire innerliners.

Pharmaceutical stoppers in various sizes and shapes

Exxpro™ specialty elastomers help the healthcare industry meet ever-changing requirements related to cleanliness, drug compatibility, low extractables and leachables for pharmaceutical stoppers and seals.

Butyl rubbers' barrier properties, high damping, resistance to ozone and heat aging make them ideal for automotive vibration control, hoses and gaskets.

Use butyl rubbers to improve formulations for conveyor belts, tank linings and condenser packaging. 

Improve weatherability of asphalt, contact cement and sealant tapes with our butyl rubbers.

Use butyl rubbers to tailor adhesive properties in valve cement, tapes and flooring adhesives.

Rely on our butyl and halobutyl rubbers for ball bladders for sporting goods and electrical appliance condenser packing.