Three tires standing side by side in a staggered pattern

Accelerate tire innovation inside and out

Butyl rubbers from ExxonMobil Chemical combine the barrier properties, high damping and resistance to ozone that make them ideal for tire applications. You’ll find our butyl rubbers in many tire components, including the innerliner, non-staining black sidewall, white sidewall and white sidewall coverstrip.

Portion of mountain bike tire with two spokes

Butyl rubbers' heat and ozone resistance makes them excellent candidates for use in innertubes. Regular butyl and chlorobutyl provide excellent inflation pressure retention for bicycle, truck, agricultural, industrial and specialty tires.

Ground-level, head-on 3D view of rolling tire with tracks reflected in foreground

Exxon™ halobutyl rubber is the world’s most widely used butyl rubber for tire innerliners.