Butyl rubber

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ExxonMobil Chemical has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in the rubber industry since inventing and patenting butyl rubber in 1937. Today we market high-quality synthetic rubber worldwide and are a global leader in butyl technology, services and products.

Let our technology-driven focus and commitment to improve processes and products help you to meet your supply requirements and to grow profitably. Benefit from access to our global marketing and product expertise, as well as our state-of-the-art technology centers.

New facility announced

Premium halobutyl and hydrocarbon resin production facilities expected to be completed in 2017 in Singapore.
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More than 70 years of industry leadership supports your innovation.

Blue 3D image of upper right quadrant of tire

Find out why we are the supplier best able to help you succeed.

Close-up 3D view of automobile tire innerliner

Advanced tire innerliners made with Exxcore™ DVA resins set the new benchmark in tire lightweighting and performance.

Butyl rubber pellets

Explore our comprehensive portfolio. 

Technical manuals provide an introduction on effectively using Exxon™ butyl rubbers.

Model formulations are available for a range of applications.