Vistalon™ ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber is well suited for a wide variety of applications, often offering better finished product and processing performance than natural and general-purpose synthetic rubbers. Our broad portfolio of grades, while enhancing performance, also increases the value of your products.

Vulcanization of EPDM elastomers

See our presentation about phosphate accelerators helping the vulcanization of EPDM elastomers.

Vistalon EPDM rubber grade slate

An overview of our grades and properties, and a summary of their applications.

Automotive glass run channel weatherseal made of Vistalon EPDM rubber

Meet strict OEM requirements for sponge door seals, glass run channel and other dense seal applications

Close up of an underhood engine hose of a red hot rod car

Get excellent strength, aging resistance and flexibility for various classes of service temperatures: 100°C, 125°C, and 150°C and above.

Close-up of the groves in an underhood v-belt of a red car

We offer grades that deliver outstanding manufacturing and service performance for both grinding and molding processes.

Single coil of a flexible yellow industrial hose lying on the grass beside muddy boot of a construction worker

Our grades are fit for conveyor belts as well as industrial hose formulations with excellent heat aging, fluid and abrasion resistance, while maintaining a high level of flexibility.

Gray, large diameter sewer pipes with rubber gaskets stacked four high

Achieve long service life in applications including construction glazing seals, pressure pipes and sprinklers or automotive brake parts like cup, diaphragm and hose.

Aerial view of the EPDM rubber-sheeted roofs of Montour High School, McKees Rock, PA

Specifically designed grades for easy calendering, autoclave curing providing membrane with excellent durability and simple installation in any climate.

Wire Cable Electrical Connectors

Good electrical insulation performance and long service life for low and medium voltage flexible cables in demanding environments.