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Santoprene™ TPV offers excellent performance for dishwashers
Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) combine low compression set, elastic recovery and excellent chemical and food resistance, making them ideal for dishwasher components, including:

  • Sump and pump seals
  • Detergent dispenser seals
  • Switches and connectors
  • Door gaskets
  • Hoses and couplings
  • Motor mounts

Durable and reliable 
Facilitate dishwasher durability and reliability with Santoprene W255 TPV, which combines excellent mechanical properties with protection against detergents, very hot water temperatures or drying heat, moisture and chemicals. They are designed specifically to resist copper, metal-catalyzed degradation and corrosive fluids. See the online fluid resistance guide.

Parts consolidation lowers system costs 
Bonding properties with polypropylene (PP), polyamide, ABS and metal components help improve dishwasher performance while lowering manufacturing costs. Overmolding Santoprene TPV onto a PP sump body, for example, is an alternative to metal and thermoset rubber while creating a part that is less expensive and more reliable.

Design freedom 
The colorability, tight molding tolerances and compatibility of Santoprene TPV with other materials facilitate the freedom to design cost-efficient components such as soft-touch knobs and controls that are in step with latest trends.

UL, NSF and RoHS certification 
Santoprene TPV grades recommended for dishwashers, including NSF-approved grades, are fully UL- and RoHS-compliant, helping you get products to market faster.

Consider other polymer solutions from ExxonMobil Chemical
ExxonMobil™ polypropylene  resins which are compatible with Santoprene TPVs offer hard/soft touch combination possibilities . Once the final product is manufactured , coextruded surface protective films made with Vistamaxx™ propylene-based-elastomer (PBE) can protect your finished products due to their inherent outstanding adhesive strength. 

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