Alkylation licensing

Chemical plant operating at night

Badger Licensing LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between affiliates of ExxonMobil Chemical Company and Technip offers technology in the area of phenolics to produce cumene and bisphenol-A (BPA); and in the area of styrenics to produce ethylbenzene and styrene.

Badger Licensing capitalizes on the strengths of its parent companies – ExxonMobil’s innovation in catalyst process research and Technip’s experience in process commercialization, design and engineering.

Badger is the culmination of a 30 year partnership with ExxonMobil that includes:

  • the first commercial process for producing ethylbenzene based on the proprietary ZSM-5 zeolite catalyst (1970s)
  • the first high-purity, liquid-phase processes for producing cumene and ethylbenzene based on proprietary catalysts, the Mobil/Badger EBMax and cumene processes (1990s)