Chemical intermediates

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High–quality alcohols, acids and higher olefins manufactured by ExxonMobil Chemical have been the starting point for products ranging from surfactants and polymer additives to metal salts and lubricants.

ExxonMobil Chemical advantages

  • Consistent product quality, allowing for optimized control of your process
  • Broad product range, enabling you to fine-tune the properties of your derivatives
  • Technical expertise for guidance on the best use of ExxonMobil alcohols and acids for your application
  • Fully integrated world-scale global supply footprint to help you optimize your supply chain

ExxonMobil’s Chemical Intermediates business is operated globally with manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, Sales, Marketing, Supply and Technology resources are also available in each of these regions.

Bubbles displayed in a building block way

Use Exxal™ alcohols to synthesize derivatives for a variety of industrial applications and as solvents or co-solvents for coatings, inks and metal extraction in mining.

Different sizes of decorative coating paint pots

Rely on these excellent building blocks for derivatives in applications ranging from coatings to fine chemicals.

Pouring Fluid

These feedstocks for Exxal™ alcohols, Jayflex™ plasticizers and ExxonMobil™ neo acids serve as the foundation for a number of chemicals produced by our customers.