Hot melt adhesive being applied mechanically to a corrugated box packaged with bottles of orange juice on a packaging line


With more than 35 years industry experience, we offer a unique understanding of the manufacturing requirements for adhesives applications. Whatever your requirements, we can meet your global raw material supply needs for hot-melt, pressure-sensitive and other applications.

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hot melt adhesives

Appropriate for a variety of applications, hot-melt adhesives provide optimal hold and superior manufacturing flexibility vs. waterborne or solvent-based adhesives.

pressure sensitive adhesives

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are capable of holding materials together by instantaneous low-pressure surface contact. Most commonly, a PSA is based on elastomers modified to enhance tackifying and wetting properties.

road marking tire production and more

Rely on Escorez tackifier for excellent initial tack and polymer compatibility for a variety of applications, from road marking and tire production to bookbinding and carpet backing.