Exxtral™ performance polyolefins (only available in Europe)

Close up of shiny maroon car bumper with young couple talking to salesman in background

Exxtral performance polyolefins are high-performance, specialty TPO compounds based on polypropylene. Exxtral polyolefins are designed to replace higher-cost, heavier and hard-to-recycle materials traditionally used in appliances and automobile parts.

Lightweight and tough, Exxtral polyolefins offer optimal balance between stiffness and impact resistance in semi-structural and non-structural applications. Features of Exxtral performance polyolefins include:

  • Excellent stiffness and impact balance
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Availability in OEM-specific colors with or without UV stabilization
  • Low odor emission 

Easy-to-process Exxtral TPOs offer low shrinkage and a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE). In today’s appliances, Exxtral polyolefin compounds provide resistance to extreme temperatures, hot water and high detergent concentrations. They are available in natural and colored, talc- and calcium carbonate-filled options.

Automotive designers and OEMs looking to reduce weight and cost without sacrificing performance will want to consider new perspectives with Exxtral TPOs for both exterior and interior applications.

Customers around the world are supplied Exxtral performance polyolefins from regional plants in the United States, France and Singapore.