ExxonMobil Chemical brands Sa to Sz

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Benefit from the best attributes of vulcanized rubber with the processing ease of thermoplastics.

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Use this unique combination of low volatility and low-temperature fluidity to produce more-advanced lubricants.

Corn and seeds

Marketed under the “Aromatic” name in the United States, these high-solvency grades are versatile performers in many industrial and agricultural applications.

Increase basestock viscosity and upgrade lubricant quality with blend components especially suited for industrial oils requiring high stability under harsh operating conditions.

Household Aluminum

These basestock fluids are excellent for aluminum foil and sheet rolling applications, where ultra-high purity is required.

Meet fluidity performance requirements for a variety of synthetic and synthetic-blend lubricants.

Gears and Cogs

Rely on this mPAO basestock when shear stability, higher viscosity index, a low pour point and low-temperature performance are important.

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Improve your lubricant performance with highly stable alkylated naphthalene blendstocks offering hydrolytic, thermal and oxidative stability.