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Enable mPE Processing with Technician
Enable™ mPE resin products are based on a single unique resin that delivers an unprecedented combination of film processing and higher alpha olefin (HAO) performance benefits in flexible film solutions. 
Assortment of colorful bottle caps

Copolymer resins of ethylene and vinyl acetate offer low seal-initiation temperatures, high hot-tack, very good impact strength and excellent optical properties.

These acrylate polymers have an nBA content of up to 35% and are less crystalline and softer than polyethylenes. They adhere to a variety of polar substrates, including paper, polyesters, ionomers, PVdC and unplasticized PVC.

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These amorphous, glassy, low-molecular-weight hydrocarbon polymers promote adhesion and tack in hot-melt and pressure sensitive adhesives.


A combination of copper sticks and a drilling mud bit

Rely on Escaid™ fluids for drilling mud applications and solvent extraction processes for metals such as copper and nickel.

Examples of polyethylene in packaging tubes

These copolymers of ethylene and acrylic acid offer excellent adhesion on polar substrates, without the use of primers. Uses include liquid aseptic and dry food packaging, laminate tubes and cable shielding.

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Add enhanced lubricating properties along with low volatility and low-temperature characteristics to your engine and industrial lubricant applications.

Shale Fluid
Escaid™ PathFrac™ is a very low total aromatic content fluid that enhances hydraulic fracturing formulations while reducing environmental and health impacts.