Cross-section of a primary car door hybrid foam weatherseal with blue background

Vistalon™ EPDM rubber sponge grades for automotive weatherseals

Vistalon™ ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber meets strict OEM requirements for primary and secondary door seals, trunk and tailgate seals and other automotive sponge weatherseal applications. A series of products is available according to application needs with Vistalon 7602 for cost effective solutions, through Vistalon 8600 for high geometry complexity, high elasticity, and great surface aspect, to Vistalon 8800 for maximum performance of soft sponge profiles.

Vistalon 7602 offers excellent compounding processability, good low temperature flexibility and fast cure rate for simple profile applications.

Vistalon 8600 provides increased mixing and sponge productivity with constant quality of the mixed compound. It is ideal for sponge profiles requiring smooth surfaces and high collapse resistance with excellent compression set.

Vistalon 8800 offers high throughput, excellent elasticity, high processing consistency for the most complex geometries and outstanding aesthetics. It is a very high molecular weight grade with a low ethylene content and high diene level. Its bimodal molecular weight distribution provides shorter mixing cycles, improved dispersion in particularly soft compounds and fast extrusion with tight dimensional control.

Vistalon 8800 was designed specifically for automotive sponge and class-A seals with high resilience, low compression set, low-temperature elasticity and smooth surface aspect. It is ideal for extrusion of soft sponge profile or complex seal designs with thin lips.