Aerial view of the EPDM rubber-sheeted roofs of Montour High School, McKees Rock, PA

Vistalon™ EPDM rubber for 30-year durability and extreme weather resistance of roof sheeting

Vistalon™ 3702 and 9301 ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber grades are specifically designed for calendering and autoclave curing, for easy processing and installation of roof sheeting, and can be adapted to any type of roof. They provide a range of benefits, including excellent durability – up to 30 years – and high filler loading.

These grades are particularly well suited for installations that must perform in extreme weather conditions – very cold as well as hot and humid. They are also an excellent solution for flexible pond liners and geomembranes. 

Both grades can also deliver a good balance of tack, green strength, and long service life in both filled and oil-extended EPDM rubber formulations. Sheeting made with Vistalon EPDM for flat and low-slope roofs offers good heat aging, outstanding UV resistance and high filler loading, as well as oil retention over a broad temperature range.

We also propose grades with similar properties that are adapted to continuous vulcanization (Rotocure): Vistalon 5601, 7500 and 6602 EPDM.

Vistalon EPDM rubber formulations for roofing and sheeting

Easy processing formulations for high-speed extruded profiles and sheeting, including roofing membranes and geomembranes