Genuine Santoprene TPV

Rely on genuine Santoprene™ TPVs

When you choose Santoprene TPVs, you can count on consistent product quality and a reliable supply stream, backed by the operational excellence and ongoing technological improvements of ExxonMobil Chemical. We continue to meet the growing demand for engineered flexible applications by delivering a reliable product with 30 years of proven performance.

Santoprene TPV formulations

Choose genuine Santoprene TPV

We have received customer reports and obtained physical evidence of counterfeit Santoprene TPVs being marketed by certain manufacturers and traders. Upon careful analysis, the questionable materials were revealed to have a different chemical composition or contain ingredients not typically used in Santoprene TPV formulations. Some of the “look-alike” products even included counterfeit documentation, reports or certificates of analysis that were not issued by ExxonMobil Chemical. To get genuine Santoprene TPV results, you must use genuine Santoprene TPVs.

Trusted sources for technical information

Sources for technical information

Numerous websites claim to possess technical information, data sheets and other literature related to Santoprene TPV grades without affiliation with ExxonMobil Chemical. We recommend that you carefully consider all product data sources to ensure that you obtain the latest information from ExxonMobil Chemical regarding Santoprene TPV grades and processing. You can access legitimate Santoprene TPV product information on our grades & datasheets section or on UL Prospector.


Sources for material purchase

ExxonMobil Chemical works with a list of authorized distributors who will work with you from the provision of samples to commercialization. To ensure that your product is genuine Santoprene TPV, choose a supplier from our Authorized Distributor List.