Material handling

Material handling

Well-suited for high impact injection molded parts, ExxonMobil™ impact copolymer (ICP) polypropylene (PP) resins with differing melt flow rates (MFR) can help provide excellent mechanical properties of totes, crates and pallets, while also delivering outstanding display appeal.

Excellent stiffness-impact balance

The ExxonMobil ICP PP grade portfolio is designed to deliver outstanding stiffness-impact balance and excellent processability to meet the demanding requirements of material handling applications, such as pallets and crates.

ExxonMobil ICP PP resins provide excellent stiffness, toughness, creep resistance and dimensional stability which can meet the demanding needs of heavy and medium duty pallet applications. They provide:

  • Excellent stiffness-impact balance enabling high top load pallet performance (auto-racks)
  • Outstanding creep resistance for dimensional stability
  • Pallet longevity
  • Low cooling time due to the incorporation of a nucleating agent in the resins
  • Easy mold release and low dust pickup due to the incorporation of an anti-static agent in the resins
  • Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance

ExxonMobil ICP PP resins deliver outstanding value for crate applications because they deliver:

  • Excellent part performance, quality & consistency
  • Outstanding processability
  • High productivity and low cost opportunities

Recommended grades for material handling*

Application Asia Pacific GradesNorth America Grades
Pallets & cratesPP7032KN, PP7684KNPP7032KN, PP7033N, PP7035E4, PP7035E5, PP7414, PP7505KNE2, PP7684KN, PP7143KNE1

* ExxonMobil ICP PP resin grades frequently used by manufacturers

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