Comprehensive product portfolio

Comprehensive product portfolio

ExxonMobil Chemical has a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the demanding performance requirements found in many automotive, appliance, rigid packaging, material handling, nonwovens, healthcare and medical, consumer and industrial product applications.

ExxonMobil™ homopolymer (hPP), impact copolymer (ICP) and random copolymer (RCP) resins are available globally and provide versatile and reliable solutions for a broad range of application requirements.

Our PP resin product portfolio can offer:

  • A broad range of melt flow rates (MFR) for excellent processability
  • Improved cycle times and increased productivity compared to low MFR resins
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Good stiffness-impact balance
  • Environmental resistance, good aesthetics and antistatic properties
  • Potential sustainability benefits, such as the lightweighting of components and scrap recycling opportunities within the manufacturing stream

Our global reach, extensive product portfolio and customer-focused application expertise enable us to respond quickly and effectively to changing market demands. Meanwhile, our continuing research and development enables us to meet evolving customer requirements.

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