Santoprene TPV Enhanced performance


For over 50 years, our commitment to the polypropylene (PP) market has enabled us to deliver advanced solutions and support services that can help companies manufacture better performing products.

Our comprehensive global capabilities provide high-quality product consistency and reliability, while our market knowledge enables innovative development and performance efficiency for our customers. We offer a broad portfolio of PP resins with a range of melt flow rates (MFR) as well as various levels of stiffness and impact strength properties to meet application demands.

proven commitment Global reliability

Take advantage of our global manufacturing facilities, technology centers, and reliable worldwide supply chain.

Comprehensive product portfolio

Benefit from a broad range of resin grades that can offer solutions for a variety of application demands.

Consistent, high quality products

Regardless of your location, our global manufacturing capabilities ensure you will receive the high-quality resins.

Santoprene TPV Proven solutions

Our technology leadership and application development expertise enables us to help meet your evolving needs.