Class-A construction liner section

Construction liners

Exceed™ XP performance polymers produce extremely damage resistant construction class-A liners. Materials that people increasingly depend on to protect and preserve the buildings and structures where they live, work and play for potential improved energy efficiency and safety.

When eXtreme Performance matters use Exceed XP performance polymers

Extremely damage resistant liners
Construction class-A liners made with Exceed XP exhibit extreme tear, puncture and barrier performance. Compared to market reference films, these construction liners deliver:

  • Reduced water vapor penetration for potential energy efficiency and lower risk of mold formation in structures

Innovation opportunities
Using Exceed XP, converters and producers can create new-to-the-world or improve current construction liners through:

  • Balanced toughness/barrier performance via tailored liner formulations with higher density linear PE
  • The possibility of thicker liners

Cost optimization

Converters can leverage extreme toughness and bubble stability to optimize film formulations with linear polyethylene blends. There are also opportunities to increase output and improve film consistency even with large bubble sizes. This increases machine utilization and reduces waste from reprocessing, compared to market reference films.

Extreme performance rugby player

Exceed XP offers a new performance benchmark for extremely damage resistant films.