Improve twist retention and deadfold performance in film candy wrapping

Oppera improved twist retention

A film twisted tightly around candy helps preserve its taste and presentation. Bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film containing Oppera™ modifiers in the core layer stays twisted over time, with up to 75% twist retention of the wrap.

Adding Oppera modifiers to the middle layer of multilayer BOPP films also improves stiffness and mechanical properties.

(BOPP) film containing Oppera™ modifierss keep their deadfold performance under severe storage conditions. Deadfold performance or the ability of a film to maintain a folded angle without coming undone is also critical for efficiency of twist-wrapping machinery.

Including Oppera modifiers in BOPP film also results in a highly printable surface with excellent optical properties such as high gloss and low haze. These characteristics enable converters to add graphics to improve the appeal of their products.

BOPP Film Twist Retention Performance vs. PVC Film en
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