Improve stiffness and elongation at break in BOPP films

Improved stiffness with Oppera

Many end-users, particularly for overwrap applications, look for a bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film with outstanding stiffness that also processes without wrinkling.

Oppera modifier in BOPP film formulations provides an overall improvement of mechanical properties, including film stiffness and elongation at break. These benefits allow the production of a downgauged or thinner film to run smoothly for greater efficiency.

Oppera Improves Film Stiffness en
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Testing through measurement of the 1% secant modulus shows that a substantial increase of stiffness is achieved by using Oppera™ modifier in BOPP film formulation. Source: ExxonMobil data; ????1%?????????????Oppera™ ????BOPP?????????????????????? ???
Oppera Improves Elongation at break en
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Testing of film with and without Oppera™ modifier shows higher elongation at break is achieved with Oppera modifier is added. Source: ExxonMobil data; ???????Oppera™ ??????????????Oppera????????????????? ?????????? ???