Improve moisture resistance and oxygen barrier protection in BOPP films

Protective Moisture Barrier

Adding Oppera™ modifier to the middle layer of multilayer bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films can improve moisture resistance up to 50% and oxygen barrier performance up to 70%. Food packed with Oppera modifier-based BOPP films can stay fresh longer for extended shelf life compared with unmodified film.

In addition to outstanding barrier protection, Oppera modifiers in a BOPP film formulation can create simplified and cost-effective film structures. The optimal addition level of the Oppera modifiers depend on the intended end use and required performance.

Oppera Moisture Protection en
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Lower water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) with Oppera™ modifier (ASTM F1249). Moisture resistance can be improved by 50% when using Oppera modifier.; Oppera™ ?????????????ASTM F1249?. ??Oppera???????????????? ???
Oppera Oxygen Barrier en
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Reduced oxygen transmission rate (OTR) with Oppera™ modifier (ASTM D3985). Oxygen barrier can be achieved by 70% when using Oppera modifier; Oppera™ ?????????????ASTM D3985?. ??Oppera???????????????????