Creating a new differentiated ultra-soft nonwoven fabric


JOFO (Weifang) Nonwovens Company has created a new differentiated ultra soft nonwoven fabric, “R1”, by increasing the dosage of Vistamaxx™ performance polymers in a formulation with an ExxonMobil™ polypropylene (PP) resin which it first developed for its “SilkSoft” product about five years ago.

The new premium nonwoven fabric, R1, meets the needs of brand owners by offering an ultra-soft-touch feel, low fluff, consistent quality and stable high-speed processability. The soft-touch feel provided by Vistamaxx polymers combines cottony and silky softness and is comparable to carded air-through nonwovens. ExxonMobil PP3155E3 resin provides excellent spinnability and consistent product quality.

Creating a differentiated fabric
To create a new softer nonwoven fabric solution, JOFO and ExxonMobil first looked at the existing formulation of “SilkSoft”, a nonwoven fabric that has proven successful since it was introduced. The formulation comprised a lean blend of Vistamaxx polymers with ExxonMobil PP3155E3 resin.

“ExxonMobil PP3155E3 is well-suited for spunbond production because it combines high and consistent quality with high-speed processability,” said Peng Wenzhong, plant manager, JOFO (Weifang) Nonwovens Co., Ltd. “And Vistamaxx polymers, a drop in solution, offer unique softness when dry blended with PP.”

Tests of different formulations proved that by increasing the dosage of Vistamaxx polymers an ultra-soft-touch fabric could be achieved. It combined a silky and cottony feeling, consistent product quality and stable high-speed processability on diaper lines.

Brand owner breakthrough
The new premium tier nonwoven fabric, R1, is already enjoying success among domestic and international brand owners. “Feedback has been very positive which is important because softness is very subjective,”said Peng. “Brand owners are now upgrading and differentiating their portfolio to meet downstream requirements, and we are already seeing some significant breakthroughs with key industry players.”

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