New possibilities

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At ExxonMobil Chemical, we understand the importance of innovation. That’s why we created Vistamaxx™ performance polymers.

Vistamaxx polymers lets you explore new levels of performance, processing efficiencies and potential sustainability benefits*.  Versatile performance polymer of propylene and ethylene, Vistamaxx performance polymers were engineered to create new possibilities.

With Vistamaxx polymers and our team of application experts, you can turn possibilities into reality.

*For more information on potential sustainability benefits, click here.


A cost-effective solution, Vistamaxx™ polymers can easily integrate with existing production, increasing efficiency and output speed.

reducing total cost

Vistamaxx™ polymers can improve product performance, lower material use and decrease energy use – potentially leading to a reduction in total system costs.


Vistamaxx™ polymers enables you to tailor, enhance and balance a range of properties to meet your application requirements.

potential sustainability benefits

When Vistamaxx™ polymers are used in a polyolefin blend, they can contribute to less overall waste in the manufacturing process, as any scrap produced during processing can be recycled.