Color masterbatch pellets

Improving the quality of color and functional masterbatches

Nassolkem (P) Ltd., a leading manufacturer of masterbatch products in India, is using Vistamaxx™ performance polymers to improve the quality of its color and functional masterbatches.

These products are being utilized by end-users to develop cost-effective, innovative products with enhanced properties.

A competitive business
With increasing competition, Nassolkem was looking to gain an advantage over other companies in this sector. To improve its universal color and functional masterbatch products, the company turned to Vistamaxx polymers. Using them as a carrier in their masterbatches delivers a number of benefits compared to PE- and PP-based masterbatch products.

Product differentiation
The use of Vistamax polymers has helped Nassolkem create product differentiation in a growing market. The batch to batch product quality consistency has helped them build a reputation as a very reliable supplier of high-quality masterbatch products

“Using Vistamaxx polymers is improving our masterbatch products and helping customers across the value chain create innovative products, such as food containers made with ICP PP for leading brand owners”, said Mr. Raj Shah, director business innovation, Nassolkem (P) Ltd. “Using Vistamaxx polymers has helped our business grow in India and overseas,” said Shah.

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