Hose systems

Create high performance long-lasting flexible hose systems for effective air, gas, solid and fluids management and transportation
Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) provide outstanding toughness and longevity to flexible hose systems and are resistant to flex fatigue, harsh temperatures and chemicals.

Durable and reliable
The low compression set and improved stress relaxation of Santoprene TPV, compared to EPDM or alternatives, produces effective seals for long-term performance even in extremely low temperatures. With its excellent weatherability, it resists hardening and cracking with age. Santoprene TPV provides protection against acids, bases, cleaners and pollutants.

Precise fit and design flexibility
Santoprene TPV provides excellent design flexibility, supported by coextrusion and co-molding options, and is easily colored. Tight tolerances maintain consistent fit of the profile into the attachment system.

Using less, delivering more
Santoprene TPV can help you reduce overall waste in the manufacturing process as the scrap produced during processing can be recycled. Time and cost savings can be achieved as Santoprene TPV is easy to process and accommodates fast molding cycle times and parts consolidation. Fire-retardant UL certifications help accelerate product development and time to market.