Polypropylene raffia tapes


If you are a manufacturer of polypropylene (PP) raffia tapes looking to improve strength for less tape breakage and reduce tape thickness for lower material use and costs, Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) can help.

Adding Vistamaxx PBE to a conventional PP resin formulation can deliver:

  • Improved elongation and tenacity of PP raffia tapes, resulting in less breakage and opportunities for faster line speeds
  • Greater stretch, yielding higher tenacity tapes compared to incumbent homopolymer polypropylene (hPP)
  • Opportunities to downgauge the denier of the tape, producing a lighter fabric with the same or higher strength
  • Higher elongation and coefficient of friction (COF) of the overall fabric which can improve burst strength and stackability of the end-use application, such as woven bags
  • Higher elongation that can increase the content of anti-fibrillating masterbatch (AFMB) in tapes, which may allow increased filler dosage compared to conventional AFMB. This can help maintain tenacity, eliminate the need for lubricants and polyethylene (PE) waxes, and potentially reduce costs

Typical applications:

  • Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)
  • Cement bags (20 to 25kg)

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