new possibilities

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) was developed to enable innovation and open new opportunities in flexible blown and cast film, extrusion coating and lamination applications.

A copolymer of ethylene and propylene, Vistamaxx PBE is compatible with a range of polymers. It enables you to tailor, enhance and balance a range of properties, such as adhesion, cling, elasticity, sealability, softness and toughness.

This can allow you to create the right balance of properties to meet the needs of your film end use application.

With the ability to deliver new levels of product performance, processing efficiencies, and lower total cost solutions, Vistamaxx PBE can add value and contribute to business growth.

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Enhancing properties

With its broad polyolefin compatibility, Vistamaxx PBE makes it easy to tailor, enhance and balance film properties.

reducing total cost

Reducing total cost

Vistamaxx PBE can reduce material use through downgauging, simplifying formulations and improving manufacturing efficiency to reduce total costs.


Operational simplification

Vistamaxx PBE can easily integrate with your production process and allow simplification of formulations.

potential sustainability benefits

potential sustainability benefits

Using Vistamaxx PBE as an additive can reduce energy consumption during film conversion, as lower temperature processing is possible.