Santoprene TPV Enhanced performance

Excellent performance

Designers and engineers seeking durable sealing capabilities, excellent physical properties and high-end finished appearance choose Santoprene™ TPVs. Parts made with Santoprene TPVs are strong, flexible, exhibit excellent aesthetics, and maintain a high level of performance over the life of the part.

Durable sealing
Santoprene TPVs deliver consistent sealing performance due to long-term aging durability and the ability to perform well in harsh and high-stress environments. Santoprene TPVs exhibit proven physical properties that include:

  • Long-term compression set
  • Low odor and fogging
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Good tear strength

High-end aesthetics
Santoprene TPVs enhance the appearance of automotive interiors through aspect harmonization between parts, comfort-touch interior skins and excellent surface qualities, offering end consumer appeal as well as cost-effective market value. Pleasing and durable aesthetics are the result of:

• Good flow characteristics
• Excellent bonding with other materials
• Long-term aging resistance (UV, ozone and weather)

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