Automotive glass run channel weatherseal made of Vistalon EPDM rubber

Vistalon™ EPDM rubber for dense automotive weatherseals

Vistalon™ ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber grades meet strict OEM requirements for glass run channels and other dense weatherseal applications. Vistalon EPDM rubber grades offer high throughput, excellent elasticity, outstanding aesthetics and high processing consistency for the most complex geometries.

We propose a wide range of high-performing Vistalon EPDM products – grades 7602, 7500, 8600, 8700, 7001, and 5601.

Vistalon 7602 is suitable for extruded applications like weatherseals and glazing seals that need fast cure rate and good compression set.

Vistalon 7500, 8600, and 8700 are bimodal molecular weight distribution grades targeted at profiles with demanding geometry, high consistency and high extrusion line speeds.

High ethylene grades Vistalon 7001 and 5601 permit higher filler loading, enabling lower compound costs. 

Blending with ultra-high MW grade Vistalon 3666 increases resilience and lowers compression set.

Other elastomeric solutions

For a dense weatherseal design that combines the benefits of thermoset rubber with the ease of thermoplastic processing, consider Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV).

Vistalon EPDM rubber formulations for dense weatherseals

Various hardness dense formulations meeting OEM requirements.