Reducing total cost

Santoprene TPV Reduced system cost

Looking for ways to reduce compound cost without compromising quality? That’s why Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) is being used as a polymer modifier and universal carrier in masterbatches.

Vistamaxx PBE can help you reduce the use of other materials (such as polyethylene and polypropylene), add high levels of filler and oil, and still enhance the performance of polymer compounds.

Vistamaxx PBE can also open new cost saving opportunities in processing. It comes in free flowing pellet form and can be dry blended to streamline production. Plus, its low temperature processing can lower the energy costs of production.

Vistamaxx PBE can also be a drop-in replacement for most polymers and, in many cases, does not require any modifications to equipment or molds.

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