Consumer products

In consumer applications, companies often look for properties such as impact resistance, softness, and better transparency to help deliver end-products that are durable and have the right feel and good aesthetics. Often the challenge is to create a balanced set of properties that suit application requirements.

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) allows you to tailor, enhance and balance polymer properties to meet specific application needs.

The addition of Vistamaxx PBE to random copolymer polypropylene (RCP) or homopolymer polypropylene (hPP) compounds can:

  • Improve impact strength of RCP or hPP for less breakage
  • Balance flexibility and durability
  • Maintain the clarity of RCP or hPP blends for good aesthetics
  • Simplify processing as it blends easily with polypropylene and other polymers
  • Accelerate product development as it is internationally approved for food contact applications and does not require product pre-qualification

Learn more

  • Discover how companies manufacturing products such as faux leather sheeting, toys and other products achieved an effective set of properties using Vistamaxx PBE to enhance their products in these case stories.

You can cost-effectively create lightweight and halogen-free artificial leather with Vistamaxx PBE.


Toys can be made durable, have high impact resistance and flexibility with Vistamaxx PBE.