An industry leader

An industry leader

For over five decades, our customers have benefited from our technological leadership in the ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber industry, achieved through our sustained efforts to serve their business. This continues through development of our technology, application expertise, product offering, manufacturing proficiency and know-how.

To provide our customers with solutions that fit their business objectives and improve their products and processes, our global commercial and technical resources are close at hand. Our toolkit of over 50 model formulations, tailored to key applications, can help you cost-effectively meet industry specifications. We are also continuously looking for new opportunities to grow our synthetic rubber capacity in all regions.

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Our toolkit of
helps you
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Global Outreach

Your business can benefit from our long experience in synthetic rubber.


We offer a toolkit of model formulations to help you meet industry specifications.

A timeline of success

More than 50 years of technological advances have been instrumental in keeping abreast of EPDM rubber development.

Explore our Vistalon™ EPDM rubber portfolio and find the grade that will enhance your products.