Exxon™ Halobutyl Rubber Tire Innerliner Processing Guidelines

Exxon™ Halobutyl Rubber Tire Innerliner Processing Guidelinesviewable by registered users only

Use of halobutyl innerliners in tires allow significant improvement in air retention properties and, in turn, tire durability. Tires with higher halobutyl content in the innerliner tend to display better durability performance. Halobutyl elastomers such as Exxon™ chlorobutyl and bromobutyl rubber represent special purpose elastomers requiring special procedures and precautions when processing the materials. This manual provides information on mixing and processing halobutyl compounds to produce a tire innerliner. It also provides some elementary principles relating to preventing formation of innerliner blisters, maintaining adequate component tack for tire building, and enabling attainment of compound mechanical properties.


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