Exxon™ Bromobutyl Rubber Compounding And Applications Manual

Exxon™ Bromobutyl Rubber Compounding And Applications Manualviewable by registered users only

Exxon™ bromobutyl rubber (BIIR) is an elastomeric isobutylene—isoprene copolymer containing reactive bromine. Because of the highly saturated nature of the bromobutyl polymer backbone, its cure chemistry can be more complex than that of general purpose elastomers such as natural rubber or polybutadiene. The stereochemistry of the halogenated isoprenyl units is important along with the basicity of the accelerators that are typically used. This manual provides an understanding of the chemistry of bromobutyl elastomers and bromobutyl compounding. When properly compounded, bromobutyl also displays excellent performance in many other applications besides tire innerliners such as tire sidewalls, automotive engine mounts, special purpose conveyor belt covers, and pharmaceutical applications.


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