Exxsol™ hexane solvent for reliable palm oilseed extraction

For over 30 years, ExxonMobil Chemical has provided reliable products and solution-focused expertise to help oilseed millers meet their most demanding extraction challenges.

Exxsol hexane*, a widely used palm oilseed processing aid, is a complex mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons obtained by the hydrogenation of a petroleum fraction that consists primarily of normal, isoparaffinic, and cycloparaffinic C6 hydrocarbons. Exxsol hexane* can be useful for palm oil millers because of its high purity, narrow boiling range and very low benzene content.


  • High purity
  • Very low benzene content (1)
  • Narrow boiling range(2)
  • GMP compliant
  • Meets FDA, FAO, WHO, JECFA requirements

(1) Data from Statistical Quality Control 2015, (2) Valid for Singapore grade (SG) ExxsolTM hexane only.


Food Contact Regulated Uses
Exxsol hexane SG1 meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements2 for use in specified direct and indirect food contact applications and is manufactured to meet the purity requirements of FAO/WHO/JECFA3 with respect to heavy metals, polycyclic aromatics hydrocarbons and benzene.

Exxsol hexane* is manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) per ExxonMobil Global Product Quality Management System (GPQMS).

* Exxsol hexane refers to both Exxsol hexane SG (Singapore production) and Exxsol hexane TH
(Thailand production)
1 Exxsol hexane SG mentioned herein refers to Singapore Production only
2 This website is not the official source for regulatory claims. For regulatory compliance statements, please contact Customer Service. For other information, please contact your sales representative.
3 JECFA refers to Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives, an international expert scientific committee administered jointly by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO)