Demonstrating technology leadership at K 2013

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Combining its high-performance polymers with processing technology from leading machine manufacturers, ExxonMobil Chemical demonstrated technology leadership at K 2013.

Using high-performance polymers like Exceed™ and Enable™ metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resins, Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE), and Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV), we demonstrated how ExxonMobil Chemical can create value in a variety of applications including flexible and rigid packaging, automotive, and polymer compounding.

See how technology has changed.

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of Vistamaxx™ PBE
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Discover how our technology leadership is helping to inspire innovation and deliver customer success across a broad range of applications.


Do more with less using our polymers that can help deliver lightweight packaging solutions to contain, protect and promote your products.


Our diverse range of products and technical support can help the global automotive industry build lightweight cars that can achieve better mileage and lower emissions, while improving productivity.

Santoprene TPV Proven solutions

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced polymer solutions, ExxonMobil Chemical has a proven track record for innovation, application development and technical support.

Santoprene TPV Proven Success

Read our case stories to learn how companies have benefitted from ExxonMobil Chemical’s polymer solutions with the help of our application experts.


Find all the news and stories about ExxonMobil Chemical and our collaboration with machine manufacturers.