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DF-2000™ fluid for dry cleaning - the proven alternative

DF-2000™ fluid is a major advance in hydrocarbon solvent dry cleaning. Since its introduction, DF-2000 fluid has earned a reputation among dry cleaning professionals as the best available alternative dry cleaning solvent. Dry cleaners have come to trust the proven performance and reliability DF-2000 fluid delivers.

DF-2000 fluid is designed for use with high flash point solvent dry-to-dry machinery. It can also be used to advantage in transfer systems, with or without solvent recovery tumblers. When used in conjunction with well-designed cleaning processes and properly formulated cleaning additives, it is a highly effective dry cleaning solvent.

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When used with the proper machinery, cleaning processes and additives, DF-2000 fluid is the proven choice for dry cleaning solvents.

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DF-2000 fluid is a cost effective choice for your dry-cleaning needs.

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DF-2000 fluid has been on the market since 1994 and has consistently delivered reliable results.