Metal Solvent Extraction

Metal working

Exxsol™ D and Isopar™ hydrocarbon fluids are a leading choice for cooling and lubrication fluids used in metalworking processes.

These solvents help achieve the desired shape through machining or forming and serve as a protective coating to keep oxygen and moisture away from metal surfaces. Compared to mineral spirits and kerosene diesel-type products, Exxsol D and Isopar fluids offer benefits include:

icon_thermometer Help to control friction, reduce tool wear and dissipate heat
icon_nose Low odor and very low aromatics for increased worker comfort
icon_gear_above_hand Significantly higher OELs (Occupational Exposure Limits) for safer 

Applications and benefits

Metal forming

Metal-forming processes such as stamping, punching, rolling or drawing are effective and efficient when hydrocarbon fluids featuring medium-range boiling points are used.

Compared with kerosene and white spirits, which exhibit a significant degree of variability, contain sulfur and may have aromatic content as high as 30 percent, Exxsol D and Isopar fluids offer:

  • High degrees of quality and consistency for reliable forming fluid formulation performance
  • Narrow boiling range for optimized formulations and drying times

Rust prevention

Exxsol D and Isopar fluids give formulators of rust prevention oils optimum control over product performance and a high level of safety and comfort for their employees and customers.

Exxsol D fluid can carry and dissolve active ingredients while helping to inhibit corrosion during dip-tank immersion, brushing and spraying operations. With aromatic content less than 1 percent, Exxsol D40, Exxsol D60 and Exxsol D80 fluids help formulators develop rust prevention products with a balance of tailored drying times, viscosity, lubrication and safe operating conditions.

Isopar fluids contain less than 0.5 percent aromatic content, are virtually odorless and are suitable for select food contact applications.

Evaporable oils

Evaporable oils typically provide a thin lubricant layer on a part during processing that swiftly evaporates afterward.

For fast-drying evaporable formulations, Exxsol D fluids offers:

  • Clean-free operations, as the heat generated by the metal deformation is typically sufficient to evaporate the Exxsol D40 fluid in seconds, so no secondary cleaning step is necessary
  • Very low viscosity formulations for fast and uniform spreading of oil on the parts being processed

For odorless evaporable forming oils, Isopar fluids offer properties that:

  • Enable the formulation of outstanding self-evaporable oils
  • Comply with selected food contact applications
  • Result in fast and uniform spreading of the formulated oil on metal parts

Electro discharge machining

Electro discharge machining (EDM) is a sophisticated process used by high-technology industries to shape complex and highly defined components. Exxsol D and Isopar fluids help control equipment temperature during electro discharge while quickly removing residual metallic pieces.

Advantages of Exxsol D and Isopar fluids in EDM operations:

  • Low electric conductivity for spark control
  • Higher flash points for greater safety margins and higher-power sparking
  • High thermal and chemical stability for longer fluid life, better fluid integrity, fluid reuse and performance throughout the process

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