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Have we ever thought how one small glazing component can make or break a building?

Get it right, and you’ll have a long-lasting ‘landmark’ building everyone wants to be associated with. But get it wrong, and you’ll be plagued by air, water and noise infiltration problems.

Santoprene™ TPV offers all-weather resistance and long-lasting sealing performance for windows, door seals and gaskets in both residential and commercial buildings. With its unique combination of rubber performance and thermoplastic processing, Santoprene TPV is the construction and glazing seal gasket material of choice for long-term reliability and performance.

It’s also the solution for expansion joints in buildings when you need to absorb thermal expansion movement.

Sustainable choice

Unlike thermoset rubber (e.g. EPDM rubber), the sustainability opportunities provided by Santoprene TPV to help architects reach ‘green building’ label standards make it an excellent choice now and for the future.


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    Premium quality through proven long-term sealing and weathering performance

    • No delay in production due to regular and consistent lot quality
    • Excellent air, water and noise infiltration barrier
    • Long-lasting cosmetic appeal

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    Helps architects reach green building label standards

    • Significant energy savings and in process recyclability of scrap
    • Recyclability opportunities after product life cycle
    • Cleaner air through lower VOC

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    Exceptional design flexibility & processing simplification

    • Consistent dimensional stability allowing for complicated seals with tight dimension tolerances
    • Design innovation with system cost saving
    • Onsite heat welding of corners without adhesion or molding

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    Santoprene™ TPV Health Product Declaration to earn LEED credits

    A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a voluntary technical specification that enables to earn LEED points once published in compliance with the HPD Open Standard. HDPs for Santoprene™ TPV grades with related compositions are available. (English only).

    Download here
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    CSTB certificate for window & door seals

    CSTB certificate for use of Santoprene TPV 8221-60/70 and Santoprene TPV 121-67/73W175 as flexible material in components for window, doors, conservatories and accessories according to the QB36 reference system. (French/English only)

    Read more
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    Improving window and door seals quality for high-rise buildings

    Eliteflex, a leading extruder of seals for Asia Pacific and Middle East, is using Santoprene™ TPV to improve the performance of their window and door seals in high-rise commercial and residential buildings.

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    Residential glazing seals use Santoprene™ TPV for more comfortable living

    Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) has been used worldwide for decades to deliver residential window and door sealing systems that offer enhanced weather resistance and noise reduction for increased interior comfort and energy savings.

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