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Xylenes production  

ExxonMobil Chemical has led the development and application of leading-edge technologies for xylenes and benzene production since the discovery of ZSM-5 in the late 1960s.

Technologies for paraxylene and benzene production include: selective and non-selective toluene disproportionation, xylene isomerization, heavy aromatics transalkylation, selective toluene alkylation with methanol, and aromatics treatment.

For customers interested in constructing a complete grassroots complex, ExxonMobil’s alliance with Axens S.A. offers all of the technologies required to meet your needs.

Graphic of Inline Xylenes Technologies

Typical process flow with technologies for xylenes and benzene production

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Xylenes and benzene

  • Vapor phase xylene isomerization (XyMax℠-2 technology and services)

    ExxonMobil offers two highly selective xylene isomerization processes – XyMax isomerization and Advanced MHAI – for commercial licensing to produce paraxylene and/or orthoxylene from feedstocks rich in C8 aromatics.

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  • Paraxylene production (EMTAM℠ technology and services)

    The EMTAM℠ process is a breakthrough technology which maximizes production of valuable paraxylene product while lowering feed and energy costs.

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  • Liquid phase xylenes isomerization (LPI technology and services)

    The LPI process is the latest generation of liquid phase isomerization technology.

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  • Toluene disproportionation (MTDP-3)

    MTDP-3 is designed to process toluene and limited amounts of C9 aromatics, and can allow for inexpensive debottlenecking of existing toluene disproportionation (TDP) facilities.

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  • Heavy aromatics transalkylation (TransPlus℠ 5 technology and services)

    The TransPlus (heavy aromatics transalkylation) process is a low-cost, high-conversion solution to effectively transalkylate C9+ heavy aromatics and toluene/benzene into higher-value mixed xylenes and high-purity benzene.

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  • Aromatics treatment (Olgone℠ technology and services)

    Olgone technology is designed to significantly extend the cycle length of existing clay treaters, which will reduce the amount of spent clay that is generated.

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  • Selective toluene disproportionation (PxMax℠ technology and services)

    PxMax technology is ExxonMobil’s newest Selective Toluene Disproportionation (STDP) technology. The key ingredient is the novel PxMax catalyst that offers improved yields, excellent stability and ease of operation.

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