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Exact™ plastomers  

Exact™ plastomers are ethylene alpha olefin copolymers that bridge the gap between elastomers and plastics. With rubber-like properties and the processability of plastic, they are used as polymer modifiers to provide unique properties in flexible packaging, molded and extruded products, wire and cable, and foaming compounds.

We offer a broad portfolio of high-performance Exact plastomers that includes octene, hexene and butene grades. These innovative plastomers are suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Key benefits

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    Offer enhanced flexibility and elasticity

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    Provide good impact performance down to -40ºC

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    Compatible with a broad range of polyolefins

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    Light weight

    Maintain strength even at lower density


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    Balance high flow, stiffness and impact resistance with Exact plastomers. They help meet growing demand in the auto industry for thinner, lighter weight parts that maintain strength and performance.

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    Molded and extruded products

    Exact™ plastomer resins are used in non-automotive applications ranging from luggage to toys, tubing to rigid packaging, for enhanced impact strength and flexibility.

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    Foam products

    Through different melt index (MI) and density, Exact™ polymers can fit a range of foaming process and help achieve lighter weight while retaining durability and softness.

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    Flexible packaging

    To boost toughness, clarity and sealing performance in flexible packaging, compounders use Exact™ plastomer resins. These resins enhance recyclability* to help meet demand for sustainable packaging.

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    Exact™ plastomer resins for film packaging

    Exact plastomer resins for film packaging can be used in blends with polyolefins to improve the heat-sealing performance and toughness in film applications.

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    Exact™ plastomer resins for molded and extruded products

    With characteristics that improve strength and flexibility, Exact plastomer resins’ rubber-like properties support product durability and processability.

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Industries and applications

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    Full PE laminated solutions for sustainable packaging

    ExxonMobil’s performance PE and Exact™ plastomers allow the fabrication of full PE laminated films that are recyclable*, with excellent packaging integrity, puncture energy and optics.

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*Recyclable in those communities with programs in place to collect and recycle plastic film
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